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Intramural sports roll on: intramural sports continue play during the pandemic.

Murray State is planning to offer typical spring intramural sports in 2021 after having to cancel sports like softball and flag football in the fall. (Photo courtesy of Murray State)

Jakob Milani

Staff Writer

[email protected]

Murray State intramural sports have been going strong all semester and the plan is to keep them going through the spring semester as well amid the pandemic.

Many sports have already been played this year, including kickball, tennis, cornhole, golf and multiple one-day events such as a three-point contest and a dunk contest.

Travis Rawe, director of campus recreation and wellness at Murray State, discussed the events that happened so far this year as well as the turnout for the sports.

“In the first half of the semester, we had 173 teams register in our sport leagues in Kickball, Cornhole, Tennis, Frisbee Golf and Golf,” Rawe said. “Over 500 students participated in those league sports. We also offered a number of one day weekend events like Soccer Shootout, 3 Point Contest, Dunk Contest, H.O.R.S.E, Spikeball, and Foot Golf. Sixty-six teams have signed up to play in weekend events we have held so far.”

Rawe also discussed plans for next semester, though plans still seem up in the air as of this moment.

“Next semester, we are planning for all programming possibilities; from offering our normal team sports (basketball, volleyball, soccer), to possibly adding sports we missed (softball and flag football), or having another limited semester of offerings similar to the fall semester,” Rawe said. “At this time we are unaware of what we will be able to offer for the spring semester, once decided, communication will be sent out via imLeagues and social media.”

Students seem to have been having a great time with the sports and events offered so far this year while staying safe. 

Senior Cameron Little spoke on how he believes the year has gone, while adding that safety has been at the forefront of the minds involved with intramural sports.

“I think overall, IMs have gone super well so far,” Little said. “ Although they do not look the same as they normally would, we have been able to offer a variety of sports that allow for students to be active and social while also protecting them. Overall, safety is the number one priority and we have been able to ensure both safety and fun.”

Little also gave high praise to the IM staff for how well all of the events have been put together.

“ It hasn’t felt the same as usual, but nothing in life is the same as usual right now.,’ Little said. “I think the IM staff has done a tremendous job of coming up with safe sports and activities for everyone to do.  It may not be normal, but it is better than having no IMS and gives everyone something to do.”

Freshman Jayden Birkner also talked about his experiences so far with intramural sports, commenting on how fun it has been to play this year.

“Being a freshman here at Murray State, I haven’t gotten to experience intramural sports without the covid protocols” Birkner said. “But from what I have gotten to participate in so far, it has been a great time and the intramural staff has done an exceptional job with what they have to work with.”

Birkner also spoke on what sports he hopes to compete in next semester, and how the future of intramurals may go.

“In the future, I am hoping to participate in flag football as well as basketball,” Birkner said. “Being contact sports, I am not sure if those sports will go as smoothly as kickball… Hopefully by next semester there is a better grip on the virus, and we can enjoy playing these sports again. Obviously, covid has affected when and how the sports will be played,but from my short experience playing kickball, I have had a blast playing with my friends and other fellow students. I am confident the staff and leaders on campus will continue to do their best to have as many intramurals as possible.”

Finally, Rawe talked about how he believes the students have perceived the sports offered so far. 

“I know a lot of students were disappointed that we were not able to offer our popular team sports this semester, softball and flag football,” Rawe said.” “However, in a semester where many other university events or programs had to cancel, postpone, or go virtual, Intramural Sports was able to offer safe, fun and competitive in-person programming for students on campus. Most of our typical participants didn’t take the opportunity to participate in our programs, however, those that did enjoyed the opportunity to socialize and compete with other students.”

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