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Rally addresses DEI concerns, Jackson’s statement

Kristopher Fister
Students learn more about HB9 and SB6.

Murray State’s Alliance organization, the College Democrats and other students gathered today to rally against the progressing state legislation about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives. 

The rally in the ‘Free Speech Zone’ was modeled after the rally at the state capitol today in regards to the pending Senate Bill 6 and House Bill 9 legislation. 

The bills seek to remove DEI from any public secondary education institute across the state. SB6 affects extracurricular activities and training as faculty and staff. HB9 affects classrooms, academic curriculum and funding for any DEI initiatives, offices and employees. 

Many students are unaware that these bills could potentially have a direct impact on them. There is a chance of diversity-based scholarships and inclusive spaces, such as the Women’s Center and Pride Zone, vanishing from these institutions. 

A petition was created for Murray State students to show their support for DEI.

Sidda Roche, vice president of Alliance, said their primary goal is to educate the uninformed and start productive conversations to combat the silence of the University diversity office. 

“We are really hoping to educate… let more people know what is happening, and [inform them] that they can do something. They can call their legislators, [or] they can even just sign our petition,” Roche said. 

By the end of the rally, the petition had been signed by 158 people. 

Alliance leadership said they were unsatisfied with the University President’s statement he made last week and plan to share the petition with him.

“He made a statement, but he didn’t really say anything about the bills, just that he supported diversity on campuses. So we’re hoping for a better statement, and maybe more action, as well” Roche said.  

Bec Cahoe, Alliance president, said diversity is a key aspect of the college experience.

“College is broadcast as this melting pot where you meet different perspectives that maybe you didn’t grow up with,” they said. “And so to remove that from the University… it limits your perspective on the world and breeds small-mindedness.”

College Democrats and Alliance officers provided students with information about  their local representatives with messages of support or opposition to bills. Students can call the KY Legislative Research Committee Message Hotline at 1-800-372-7181 and provide the following information: your name and address (students who are not Kentucky residents can use their on-campus address), the representatives you would like to leave a message for (this information depends on your zip code, which the message taker can find information on) and your message in support or opposition of the current bills.

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