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Letter to the Editor: Student voices concerns over advising


Dear Editor,

As a non-traditional freshman transitioning to my sophomore year, I am compelled to share my concerns regarding our university’s advising system. While I understand the necessity of fulfilling required courses, the current approach to advising does not accommodate diverse student needs, including those of students like myself.

My experience with advising has largely felt like being rushed through a predetermined path without consideration for individual learning styles or life circumstances. Unlike traditional students, my personal challenges make the standard educational norms—such as rising early and attending classes five days a week—particularly difficult.

Despite these challenges, my enthusiasm for learning remains undiminished. I am deeply passionate about my education, yet I struggle with early mornings and maintaining focus throughout a conventional school week due to health issues beyond my control. This might lead some to question my decision to return to school, but my commitment to learning is unwavering.

I believe that achieving a bachelor’s degree should resemble solving a combination lock: finding the right mix of courses, schedules, and instructors that align with one’s unique needs can lead to success. However, the current system, which could easily be replaced by a staff-generated schedule or an algorithm, often overlooks the importance of student choice in course selection.

The role of an adviser should be to empower students by guiding them in making informed decisions rather than steering them towards a generic set of courses. This semester, I have found the prevailing advisory approach restrictive and misaligned with my educational aspirations.

I am hopeful that by voicing these concerns, we can initiate a dialogue about enhancing the flexibility and responsiveness of our advising system to better support all students, particularly those who deviate from the traditional mold.


Austin Ford

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