Student-run journal opens for literary submissions


The ‘Notations’ journal is a student-run digital literary journal that publishes the work of Murray State students. Submissions are due by Feb. 26. (Photo courtesy of @murraystatecreativewriting on Instagram)

MacKenzie Rogers, Staff Writer

The undergraduate literary journal ”Notations” has returned for the 2023 semester and opened submissions up to all undergraduate students for the first time since before COVID-19.

“Notations” has been a Murray State publication for decades, with a few hiatuses over the years, including two pandemic-related. While “Notations” was formerly a physically printed journal, rising costs and sustainability issues have shifted the journal to a digital format. This will be the third year the journal will be published digitally.

“Notations” editor and junior Spanish and professional writing major Eve Jacobson says the editorial team is excited to get into the editing process.

Current undergraduate students can submit up to four poems and one or two pieces of fiction or nonfiction, with all prose pieces limited to 5,000 words. All submitted works must be original and previously unpublished.

“This year’s edition of ‘Notations’ will be different from the past few because we will be accepting submissions from all undergraduate students,” Jacobson said. “In previous years, ‘Notations’ only published work from other students in the English department, but this year we made the decision to give everybody the opportunity to submit something they’re proud of.”

The journal was created to showcase the works of students interested in creative writing, says Carrie Jerrell, creative writing program coordinator and “Notations” faculty adviser,

“Notations” publishes fiction, creative nonfiction and poetry. It also includes work from art students.

“Notations” is primarily run and produced by students from the Department of English and Philosophy for the ENG 448 Editorial Internship course. Jerrell’s role as adviser is to ensure deadlines are met and to educate students on the journal’s design process.

“Students in the class serve as editors for the semester,” Jerrell said. “They read submissions, make selections, edit the selections, create the layout and design and help promote its release. They also work on polishing and editing their own creative writing to send to journals elsewhere, so they learn about editing and publishing from both sides of the desk.”

“I encourage anyone who is interested in submitting something they’ve written to fill out the submission form,” Jacobson said. “I’m so excited to read this year’s submissions. I think it will be really interesting to read works from students both in and out of the English  department.”

The deadline for submissions is Feb. 26 at midnight.

Students who submit will receive further information regarding their piece’s status from March 27 to April 1.

Anyone interested in submitting their works or reading previous editions can visit @murraystatecreativewriting on Instagram or scan the QR code on one of the flyers. around campus.