Meet the sports staff


Staff Report


My name is Bryan Edwards and I’ll be the quarterback of the sports section as the sports editor. I’m a fifth-year senior from Louisville, Kentucky but this is only my second year in the JMC program.

For three years, I believed my true passion was to become a teacher and teach music in secondary education, but after all of the work I had put in, I ultimately decided that the teaching business wasn’t for me.

As a kid, I knew that I wanted to be in sports journalism, it just took my three years of college to actually make that a reality. Ever since I walked into the JMC department, I have enjoyed every single minute of it.

Along with being the sports editor, I am also the Murray State beat reporter for the local paper as well as a contributing writer to “On The Forecheck”, a website dedicated to covering the Nashville Predators of the National Hockey League.

I hope that you enjoy the sports section and I hope that we can consistently bring entertaining content for you to read.



For many growing up in the Bluegrass State, sports culture embodies the quintessence of many communities. I wasn’t immune. I got involved in basketball early on, and continued playing throughout high school. But passion for a sport can only take you so far when you’re unathletic and clumsy. Insert sports writing.

My name is Blake Sandlin and I’m a sophomore journalism major. I got involved with The Murray State News last year, and have loved it ever since. Having the opportunity to tell the stories of collegiate athletes while giving them a collective voice is the most alluring part of this job, and I’m poised to be doing it again as the assistant sports editor.

I spent my summer working an internship for The Crittenden Press and gained a lot of valuable information in the process. I’m excited to employ some of the ideas and style I learned this summer in papers to come, and I hope you enjoy the end result.



My name is Keenan Hall and I’m a junior journalism major. I have always had a passion for sports. I found that out at a very young age.  I also liked to write. In elementary school I would write different types of papers for class. I attended a creative and performing arts middle school where I wrote dozens of poems.

That was where I found my true passion for writing. I enjoyed seeing my thoughts and imagination come to fruition on paper. Words I couldn’t say, but could write; it felt like I was a different person.

However, it took 7 years of creative writing for me to see how I could combine my two favorite things. Writing about sports was a profession I wouldn’t mind doing for the rest of my life.

Sports are apart of life that requires essential training to succeed. Writing is art expressed in words. Everyone needs a little of both.


My name is Gage Johnson and I am a freshman journalism major at Murray State. I am from Marion, Illinois, about 90 minutes from campus.  

For as long as I can remember, I have always been an avid sports fan. I played baseball as a kid all the way through high school. I did the same for basketball, except I stopped playing for my high school after my sophomore year.  

Furthermore, I also enjoy NFL football. I am a sports geek, and if you asked, I could probably rattle off stats for anyone in the three major sports. If you ever want to get beat in NBA 2K, MLB The Show, or Madden, just let me know.  

I love how close to home Murray feels. I’m always down for a good basketball, racquetball, or ping pong game.  I even brought my own ping-pong paddle.  

What I’m most excited about, though, is to get insight from coaches and players while covering sports here, and hope to give an in-depth, unique outlook on all sports.