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The 2023 Kentucky legislative session is set to conclude today. (Photo courtesy of

State lawmakers take on hot button issues

Will Groves, Opinion Editor March 30, 2023

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear veto of anti-trans bill overridden. Senate Bill 150, which easily passed the Kentucky House and Senate by votes of 75-22...

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Our view: Victims of child sex abuse can pursue justice

Sydney Harper, Opinion Editor September 28, 2022

President Joe Biden signed the Eliminating Limits to Child Sex Abuse Victims Act into federal law on Sept. 16. This act revises the statute of limitations...

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Legislators police women’s bodies with restrictive abortion laws

April 13, 2022

Women’s rights are under attack in our country once again. Lawmakers in states such as Oklahoma, Texas, Alabama, Michigan, Kentucky and others have placed...

(Cade Utterback/The News)

Our View: Lawmakers fail LGBTQ+ youth

March 16, 2022

Once again, the livelihoods of those in the LGBTQ+ community are in the hands of lawmakers who want to police queer existence and societal prevalence,...

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