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Young adults have highest number of COVID-19 cases

(Cady Stribling/The News).
(Cady Stribling/The News).

The Calloway County Health Department released statistics for COVID-19 cases from March to the end of November showing young adults accounting for the largest number of cases.

According to the Calloway County Health Department, 521 cases were reported for adults ages 20-29 from March to November. The second highest number of cases was reported at 253 for ages 10-19, and the third highest was 197 cases reported for ages 50-59.

By the end of November, the total number of cases in Calloway County was 1,763, according to the Calloway County Health Department. Since Thursday, Dec. 3, there have been 92 new cases, bringing the total to 1,855 with 1,564 cases recovered, 252 isolated at home and 13 hospitalized.

The Calloway County Health Department reported 24 deaths from March to November, and since Dec. 3 two more deaths have been reported, bringing the total to 26.

During a media briefing on Dec. 3 Gov. Andy Beshear said Kentucky has surpassed 2,000 COVID-19 deaths with a positivity rate of 10.07 percent.

Despite hitting a record of deaths and hospitalizations in Kentucky and in the country, Beshear said the first set of vaccines are waiting to be approved by the FDA before coming to Kentucky.

“We believe we could be vaccinating people here in Kentucky as early as Dec. 15, just right around the corner,” Beshear said. “And remember our first shipments, which are about 38,000, about two-thirds of those are going to go to long-term care.”

Beshear said the other third of vaccinations, which are intended for health care workers and those exposed to COVID-19 the most, will be distributed to 11 medical centers  across Kentucky with the goal of 12,675 front line healthcare workers getting vaccinated.

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