News Brief: Minor explosion leads to science building shutdown


Murray Fire Department responded to the explosion while MSU PD secured a perimeter on Nov. 29. (Rebeca Mertins Chiodini/The News)

Dionte Berry, Editor-in-Chief

Emergency responders were on the scene of a chemical explosion in the Jesse D. Jones Chemistry Building resulting in the evacuation and temporary shut down of the Gene W. Ray science campus.

The campus body was alerted of a chemical leak in the chemistry building around noon on Tuesday, Nov. 29 and was told to avoid the area. 

Three people were sent to Murray Calloway County Hospital because of the explosion, with one being injured by the explosion said Murray Fire Chief Eric Pologruto. All three have now been treated and released. The extent of their injuries is unknown.

Although the Admin News updates labeled the incident as a chemical leak, Pologruto said the incident was more of a small chemical explosion, which triggered an alarm throughout the entire science campus. 

Pologruto said the explosion was caused by a reaction during an experiment that was conducted.

The Murray Fire Department worked on the scene to ensure the building was fully evacuated and to locate the source of the explosion and neutralize it. 

With advice from professors in the chemistry department to evaluate the hazards, the firefighters ensured the building was safe to reenter. 

Pologruto said the affects of the explosion were contained in the lab area where it happened.

Another Admin News alert updated campus at around 2 p.m. announcing there was no immediate danger to the science campus, but the buildings would remain closed until the next day.  

Since the chemical explosion, lab experiments have been temporarily suspended, but classes resumed in the Chemistry Building on Wednesday, Nov. 30.

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